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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods
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Social Proof Plugin


Face the facts.


Selling stuff online is HARD.


And if you don’t have major copy writing chops, it’s nearly impossible.


How many times have you spent hours putting together a really good looking squeeze page only to have your traffic ignore it completely and only get a few opt ins?


If you’re like me, this has happened on more occassions than you’d like to admit.


It’s frustrating to see all your hard work go down the drain.

How many Products have you posted that only sold a couple copies – or even worse – none at all?


When I was first getting started in the product world, it wasn’t uncommon for me to post a product and never see a single sale come through.


When you’re putting 10-15 hours into creating a product, another 5-6 on the sales letter, and countless hours losing sleep over whether or not you’ll have money for rent this month, it’s downright shameful when you push, push, push, and just can’t seem to make any cash.


This Is Why You’re Not Successful…


Today’s buyers are NOT like they were just a year or two ago.


People will no longer spend their money on things just because it sounds cool.


People need to know that other people are happy before they’ll ever pull out their wallet.


Just look at Amazon for proof of this.


Products that get great reviews sell more copies every single day…


But those that don’t – die a slow death and never make the owner any real money.


Sure, they make get a sale or two a week, but that only results in a few measly dollars here or there.


As a marketer, we’re not after a couple bucks – we want HUGE results.


And if you don’t have “Social Proof” you’re never going to see that.


What Is Social Proof And Why Do I Care?


Social proof is exactly what it sounds like…


It’s video testimonials.

It’s product reviews on YouTube.


And it’s hard as f*ck to come by.


Unless you were offering your customers some huge bonus, chances are you’ll probably never see a testimonial come through or somebody leaving good reviews in your WSO thread.


And when it comes to social proof on squeeze pages, come on – nobody’s going to leave you a testimonial on your squeeze page.


But what if you could pull social proof out of thin air whenever you needed it?


And I’m not talking about getting people to do fake testimonials or trying to spread your stuff virally through Facebook either…

How Does Social Proof Plugin Work?

It’s really easy.


In fact, there’s only THREE steps…



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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods

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