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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods
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Facebook Viral Cash


What Makes A Fan Page So Powerful?

And, what's more is .. how can we, as marketers, harness this power ?
What we found may just be the most powerful Key To Tapping Into Facebook Fan Page Growth Ever Seen.


How powerful?

Powerful enough that 4 out of the top 15 Facebook Fan Pages use it.
Let’s face it … Facebook already comes with a few things that make any marketer’s tongue hang out …

    Over 800 Million Active users (that’s over 250% more users than there are men, women and children in the United States) — over half of whom log in every day

    Detailed demographic data — not just age and geographic location, but “psychographic” information such as “likes”, hobbies, and how they like to spend their time

    A nearly “built-in” viral component that can explode likes, connections, and interactivity …

But, let's face it … if you have a Fan Page.

… you know it’s not enough to just be on Facebook.
You need to unlock the hidden viral components to set your Fan Page growth on steroids…

If your page starves for attention, connection and fans, let me show you what we have uncovered about tapping into Facebook’s viral treasure…


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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods

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