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Facebook Total Timeline

Facebook – the never ending changing story continues………

That's right, Facebook are rolling out yet more changes.  This time it is pages.  Facebook pages are the primary source of business activity in Social Media.  This new set of changes will effect everyone that wants to have a Facebook presence, or those that already have one.  After March 30th , the old FB Page will be changed forever to the new format and if your or your clients are not ready for that, you could end up with pages that will not work, THIS WILL COST YOU MONEY AND LEADS !!

FB Total Timeline is your go to resource for hanging on to those clients and grabbing new ones while all others are asleep at the wheel.  Not only that, this is your ticket to a foot in the door so you can go out there right now and take advantage of the new pages, weel before the deadline. 

Full Developer Rights !! Thats right, you can use this right now on your clients sites, as well as, your own.



And if that is now enough – here is a Sneak-Peek of what is included:




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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods

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