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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods

Domain Tornado


The ultimate exact match domain tool.

The Domain Tornado is a sicked simple software program that you can find thousands of easy to rank domains — in seconds.

1. Use any keyword tool
2. Pre-Loaded for local domains
3. optimized for speed
4. Incredibly easy to use
5. Built in coupons

How can you make money with this…

1. Rank your exact match local domain in the top 3 of Google. Then contact local business such as plumbers in Mayberry, if your domain is  Rent them the site for hundreds per month, and you now have an instant recurring payment.

2. Rank the domain easily in the top 3 and sell the domain.

3. Rank the domain then contact competing business, and let them outbid each other. 

4. Rank a product or line from Amazon and get to the top 3 in Google searches, and cash in as an affiliate.

5. Piggyback a product launch and cash in when you rank first in Google searches.

And so much more…..

This software will give you an unfair advantage and allow you to cash in…


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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods

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