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Yes Direct from the Catalogue.   Get all of these Programs-software-Tools.  Forget about paying per download or taking a survey.

Here is a sample of what is included:

Blackhat Viral Plugin for WP
Backlink Energizer 1.6
Comment Blaster
CPA Blaster 1.76
CTR Theme
Exit Splash
Email Search Crawler 2.7.5
Email Sender DeLuxe 2.28
Easy Video Player 2.2 Commercial Nulled
Facebook iFrame PRO
Facebook Blaster 9.0.3 Pro Unlimited
Forum Poster 3.30
Ghost CPA
Gravity Forms
HMA Proxy Grabber 2.0
Instant Article Wizard
Internet Business Promoter 11.7.9.
Interspire 6.02
Ignite Search Engine Optimization 2.5
IM PowerSuite
Instant Social Anarchy 1.5
JitBit Help Desk
Kontent Bot
Keyword Elite 2.0.18
Keyword Fighter 4.0
Keyword Ninja
Keyword Prodigy
Link Farm Evolution 1.85
Member Speed
Maxprog eMail Extractor v3.5

Mass Link Poster
Micro Niche Finder 5.5.7
Market Samurai
Mass Video Blaster 1.53
No Hands Search Engine Optimization

Pingback Optimizer
Profits Theme
Rank Builder 2.7.6
Search Engine Optimization Link PRO
Search Engine Optimization Pressor Version 4.0
Search Engine Optimization Power Suite Pro
SE Sniper
Sick Submitter 3.11
Sliq Submitter PRO
Senuke X 2.1.20
Scrapebox Schedule
Tweet Adder
The Best Spinner 2.9
Traffic Travis 4 PRO
Tube Toolbox
UBot Studio v.3
Unlimited Sitemap Generator
Video Marketing Blaster
Venom Search Engine Optimization 1.1.5
Video Spin Blaster
WinAutomation 3.1.2. PRO
WishList Member
WP Cloaker
WP Manager DX
WPRobot 3.52
WP Subscribers
WP Syndicator
WP SnowBall 1.0.6
WP Tweet Bomb 1.6.8
WP Touch Pro 2.2.4
WP Traffic Tools
Web Traffic Genius Pro

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Exclusively on

What if you could get a Facebook User to automatically Like your Website or Fan Page?

And, What if you could get them to Automatically Post your Website Link to their Wall ?

And what if you could do this without them even knowing It ?

Sounds like a Fantasy Doesn't it ?


Check out this Short Video to See the Power of this…



Well, actually it is now Possible with a Simple little WP Plugin that we simply Call the….


BUZZ FB Like Jacker


This easy  WP plugin works inside your WP blog and secretly monitors your websites visitors. Thanks to some Blackhat programming, this plugin  can stealthly detect which of your website visitors are logged in to Facebook and which ones are not.


And this is really the beauty of this Plugin…


The plugin will only work on those visitors who are logged-in to Facebook during the visit of your website. When it finds that one of your visitors are logged-in to their Facebook account and they click ANY link on your site, the plugin hijacks that click and actually posts a “Like” on their Facebook wall about your content or automatically ‘Likes’ your Facebook Fan page. It works exactly as if they had clicked a “Like” button but without  the visitor even knowing what’s just happened.

The Plugin will only "jack" one like from each unique visitor.  This means simply that it will not continue to post on a visitors wall,  it will only do it once per Facebook account per site that you have the plugin running on.

Can you see the "Viral" implications of this Plugin?  Let's say you get a 100 visitors, and of those maybe 40 will be logged in to their Facebook account….. (Most Facebook users log-in to their FB account and then begin surfing, thus staying logged in)

Well, back to the numbers, so those 40 visitors that are logged in to their Facebook Account, have now posted a Viral Link to your site on their wall.  And, if they can post to their friends walls too, well you do the math.  Your site could be Viral in no time.


The Plugin is totally NOOB friendly, which means Easy to Use.  Just Click the Box to Activate and add a title , description and Image for your page that they can "Like" to their Wall — Yep, Simple as that.



So Let's Recap here….


1.    Simple to use, No special talent needed -- Just Turn it on and GO !

2.    Get's your Site Visitors to "Automatically LIKE" your Website Page

3.    Your Visitors will not know what happened..

4.    Your Site could go Viral in No Time !!


Download it Now..

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Have you ever wanted to Viralize your site and let all your visitors do the marketing for you?


Well now you can !!

Are Your Ready for a Viral Traffic Machine for your Blog !!


Blackhat viral Blackhat Viral Plugin

TESTED AND WORKING with all Versions of WordPress

even New 3.3

You can viralize any post or page in your WordPress blog, asking your visitors to refer at least a certain number visitors before they can see the full post or page!

Your visitors will not get access to what you offer them until they have referred enough friends or other readers to your website!

You can promote ANYTHING you want! Pictures, videos, files, guides, secrets, just about  anything!

It is VERY EASY to use. Just activate it,  and you can Viralize any  POST or PAGE on your WordPress blog.

Simply speaking wherever  you Virialize your  post/page with the marker. The text above this marker is readable by everyone, but beneath that marker, your visitors will have to refer  other visitors so they can get access to the content  (you can change the amount or referrals needed  for each post or page.)

You can require the reader to send as few or as many referrals to your site as you choose (5 – 10 – 100 or even 1000) to unlock the secret content they want.


Features Included:

  • WYSIWYG editor – You can change to look and Feel of each Viral Page or Post !!
  • You can set default text for your viralized pages in the global settings page to save time ( But you can change each individual page and post).
  • SEO Friendly links for your viralized pages, so you do not lose any SEO value with your blog.
  • Quick statistics for all your viralized pages, you can see who and where others are referring to you site !!
  • Quick Install and Viralize new and old posts and pages alike in minutes !!
  • Quick Posting to Social Bookmarking Sites for your readers to get Referrers……
  • And More………

So, what can you use it for? The possibilities are endless..

You can use it to promote a special report, a secret guide or method, offer pictures, documents, videos, secret content, virtually anything!

I guess your ready now, Get Blackhat Viral here…….


Download it Now..

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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods
blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods
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