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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods
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The Ultimate Automatic Authority Backlinks Plugin

Automatic Authority Backlinks Plugin

We now have over 30 authority sites that we work with. In the old system you just blasted out your content with your links, with the new one you have refined control over what you send out.

Links Are Hard To Get……

Have you ever struggled to get good links? It is just a pain to go to all these sites and try and try to set up a blog (you never use) or drop spammy comments (that never get approved) or strain your brain to write a rubbish article (that no one will ever read). This is all just such hard work people!

How about just writing a simple blog post? Or uploading a video or sticking up a picture? Yes, you say, but how many times, do you have to do it? Only once, only once. Why did I say, only once, twice? Because…

So, you just write a few words of content on a simple post (which is filtered) and you can have an automated Backlink(s) put in and then distributed out to any or all of these sites. Sites like these…..

FB, Twitter, Linked In, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Typepad,…yada, yada, yada

Let me give you an example, Tonto, of why this is so powerful. Just imagine you have a cute little picture that you upload to your site and a wee bit of text. You push the Publish button and BOOM! Did you hear that? Your post is published to around 30 something authority sites, some with your post and picture and get this, most have an autogenerated link back to your site (or to wherever you want). Very nice!

Not only that. Yes, there is more. The plugin filters the links. For the blog sites a link will be placed near the bottom of the post that goes out with an anchor text backlink (with your post keyword). Also for status sites a naked link is sent out. With media sites it is a naked link which is placed at the top of the description. It does that all for you, automatically! Can you see how powerful that is?

Let us just say you go for just 20 of the sites per day. How many links is that per month? 600, authority backlinks to your site every month, just by making a simple blog post. Nice!


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blackhatbuzz, blackhat seo, blackhatmethods

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